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Virus and Malware Removal

Typical Symptoms that may Indicate an infection

1) Unexpected Computer behaviour.

2) Computer running slow or slow internet speed or slow boot-up times. 

3) Unexpected sounds coming from your speakers.

4) Annoying popup messages, or popup ads.

5) Unwanted programs are running. 

6) Sudden system freezes or the computer crashes. 

7) Hardware or accessory problems. 

8) Fake security programs installed or security is disabled. 

9) Computer error messages. 

10) Unusual things happen when using your internet browser, ie new toolbar, home page has changed, etc.  

Remove malware or Viruses


Do you need help because your system is infected with malware or a virus?

Not sure if your system infected but it is acting strange ?  Or are you experiencing some of these symptoms?  We can assess your system to see if it is infected, then go through the steps to remove it. 

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