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Setup New POS Equipment


 Purchase new POS equipment but need help to install it? 

We can  route POS cabling for sales counters. Mount/install POS equipment, such as scales, receipt printers, cash-drawers, pinpads, card readers, POS terminal, etc.

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Need to Service Your Current POS System?


Need to replace obsolete POS or defective POS equipment? Need to mount equipment in a new locations. We can re-route your cabling and mount equipment to a new more convenient location.  

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Clean and Maintain POS Equipment


Keep your POS equipment working optimally, by preforming a regular clean and maintence of your equipment.

We clean Card readers to help prevent scanning errors. We clean and lubricate the receipt printer rollers, and cutters. We blow out the dust in the POS terminal and clean the lens of the barcode scanners. 

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