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Network setup or service

Setup a new network in your home or small business


Do you need help to setup your home or small office network. Do you want to have more network ports installed, so that computers are connected via network cable instead of using wifi?  Give us a Call

Having problems connecting to the Internet?


Are you having problems connecting to the internet? Is it just some devices that can connect to the internet while other devices can not connect?   Give US a Call

Problems Connecting Devices to the Network


Are you trying to connect to your network drives on your server, or having troubles printing to your network printer?     

Give us a call. 

Blocking Home Users From Accessing Adult Sites


Would you like to block all users who use the internet from your home or small office from accessing porn or adult sites? Or would you like to just block individual computers from accessing adult sites?    Give Us a Call. 

General Network Troubleshooting


Contact US a Call, for any other type of network troubleshooting you may have, such as slow internet, problematic or intermittent  internet connectivity. Problems connecting via wifi in some areas of the home?