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Laser Printer and Scanner Service

Need Help to setup a new printer?


  • Purchase a new printer and need help to set it up?
  • Do you want help to ensure every one in the home or small office can print to the printer?

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Print Quality Issues


  • Page not printing properly?
  • Lines or marks printing on the page?
  • Colors not printing, or missing characters?
  • Does toner rub off when you touch the page?

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Unable to Print?


Is there only one user who can not print or multiple users who can't print?

Do you keep getting paper jams?

Does you computer tell you the doc printed but when you go to the printer nothing is there? 

You can print in some apps but other apps do not print? 

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Printer Repairs


Need help to find or remove a paper jam?

Need to reset the counter after replacing a drum? 

Need to replace a maintenance kit? 

Need help replace toner or parts? 

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Scanner Issues


When you scan do you get dots or lines down the page?

Do you have trouble scanning to email or to your computer? 

Is the scanner not picking up the paper from the paper feed? 

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