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Data Backup And Recovery

Data Recovery


Computer won't boot to Windows but you need to recover your files or data from the Hard drive? 

System hard drive is failing and you need to recover your data before the drive dies?

We can attempt to recover your data from your drives, but if not we can refer you to reputable places in town where they remove the platters in your drive to retrieve data. 

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Data Backup


Do you have a backup plan to back up your data automatically or do you create a manual back up at least once per month? To prevent data loss you should make backups of your system on a regular consistent basis. 

Backups can prevent data loss in the case of hard drive failure. Or it can prevent Data loss if your system is infected by malicious ransomware viruses that hold your data hostage until you pay the ransom. Backups should not be connected to your network, where the ransomware can infect it. 

We can help setup your backup plan. 

Transfer Data to a New Computer


Did you purchase a new computer or Laptop and would like to transfer your data from your old computer or laptop to this new system?

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Transfer Data to New iPhone or Smart Phone


Transfer data from an old iPhone or android smart phone to the new one.   

Transfer data from an old tablet to a new tablet (i.e. iPads, Asus, Lenovo, Dell Tablets, or Surface Pro, etc).