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Computer services offered

Computer Upgrades


Would you rather upgrade your current computer? We can provide a free evaluation of your current system to see if it is more feasible to upgrade your ram or hard drive etc. or would you be better off buying another system.  Give Us a Call...

System Slow or Freezing UP?


Does your system continually freeze up, shutdown, or is it just running slower and slower as time goes by? We can help resolve your system instability or slow-speed problems.   Give Us a Call...

Computer or Laptop Repairs


Having issues either booting to windows or having problems turning on the computer? Do LEDs on the laptop or computer flash on and off with out anything displayed on the monitor? Do you get message no bootable device found?  Give Us a Call...

Data Recovery


System unable to boot to windows but need to recover your data? Bought a new machine and want to transfer data from the old system to the new system?   

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Networking Issues?


Having problems connecting to the internet, or having issues printing to a network printer? Having problems connecting to other  network devices?   

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Malware and Virus Removal


System infected with a virus or malware?

System doing strange things?

Getting ransom messages?

Getting Popups? 

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